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We have been curing bacon at Best Butchers for a good number of years now and our Brickhill Black has been at the fore front of our repertoire.With this in mind we have decided to tweak the recipe and take it to a new level. After a meeting with Ryan Horne who owns a brewery just down the road in Bow Brickhill, we will be now using his Porter ale as part of our cure along with the black treacle and local honey that we already use. Once cured we will mature the bacon for 10 days for the purposes of salt equalisation and colour development and then apply a very light smoke to finish the process. Some might say why are you trying to fix something that clearly is not broke ? Well, we are not , lets just call it a fine tune for a bit more horsepower!!!!!! It will be available in both back and streaky and there will be a Ham coming shortly afterwards. Watch this space!!!

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